Dr. Fox’s Favorite Musical Group is the Old Crow Medicine Show (http://www.crowmedicine.com/)

You have to love their energy and their youthful enthusiasm, what keeps America moving ahead.

Favorite Videos:

I Hear Them All (New Orleans)

This video conveys a powerful message that we, especially our leaders, must listen to all, young and old, poor and rich, white and non-white, women and men, gay and straight, all faiths, and that we can all ride the same bus in peace and harmony.

I Hear Them All/This Land Is Your Land (Farm Aid 2015)

I Hear Them All merges into This Land Is Your Land, reminding us that the freedoms and opportunities of America belong to all of us, “from California to the New York island, from the redwood forest to the Gulfstream waters.”  

This Train Is Bound For Glory

The Great American Experiment is still bound for glory, and we all have a seat on that train.