ENERGY: Cold Fusion For Clean Nuclear Energy



The energy crisis has been with us since the early 1970’s.  Now fracking and free-market enterprise are bringing prices down.  But, there are concerns about fracking’s environmental impacts and the larger issue of carbon-based energy and global warming.

Happily, a new technology is on the horizon that bids to solve these problems, cold fusion.  This technology produces nuclear energy by hydrogen fusion, just like the energy we get from the sun, but does it at a few hundred degrees, not a few million degrees like the sun.  This is something that can operate safely and cleanly, without any radioactivity or radioactive waste or carbon emission, in our electric power plants, our industrial plants, and ultimately even in our homes to provide heat, cooling, and light and cars to provide transportation.  These generators can run for months without re-fueling. 

Microsoft PowerPoint - Fox With Cold Fusion Reactor

This is not a fantasy, I have seen it with my own eyes and held a cold fusion nuclear reactor in my own hands at the Brillouin Energy Corporation here in the Bay Area.  Cold fusion has been tested and proven repeatedly here in Silicon Valley at the world famous Stanford Research International laboratories.  See link here

This works in the laboratory, the only question is whether it is commercially feasible.  On that, there is reportedly a one megawatt pilot cold fusion power plant built and operated by the Leonardo Corporation that has recently, and successfully, concluded a 350 day 24/7 test run in commercial operation. It is attracting millions in venture capital funding.  Venture capitalists do their homework and do not invest in fantasies. In fact, in a recent article, Carl Page, a self-described “serial entrepreneur” who sits on the board of Brillouin Energy and is the brother of Google’s CEO, Larry Page, wrote that, “Low energy nuclear reactions work and could supplant fossil fuels.”

An excellent webinar reviewing the history and current status of cold fusion was recently presented by technology writer Mats Lewan. The E-CatWorld website provides the latest news and developments in the area of cold fusion.

Recently the U.S. Congress ordered the Defense Department to study the military implications of Cold Fusion and the programs of other countries such as China, India, Russia, Japan, Israel, and Italy, and then report their assessment to Congress by September 22 of this year.

All we need to do is let the free enterprise marketplace develop and adopt this technology for commercial use.  What we don’t need is a lot of new energy taxes, regulations, and expensive government subsidies for the politically well-connected to supposedly protect the environment.